How my ready-to-eat stew business is making a difference

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Judith Bassey is a wife, a mom, and passionate cook. She holds a bachelor’s degree in History and International Studies as well as a Diploma in International History and Diplomacy, both from the University of Uyo; in addition, she holds a diploma in Desktop publishing from Infotech training centre, Obubra. In her spare time, Judith enjoys playing chess with her husband. Asides from being imaginative, her creative energy drives her into creating something offbeat.

Judith owns and runs her ready stew production business. She emerged from owning a poultry farm. When the birds were very matured she advertised and sold them to her customers. In no time many orders started flowing in, but this time her customers were not just asking for live chickens to buy, some needed chicken that was already skinned and chopped, while some bachelors wanted a fully prepared meal with the chicken.

With these requests came a novel idea, Judith says, “then I came up with the idea of producing ready stew with chicken. I didn’t stop there, I started doing researches, going for training, and by August 2020 with the sum of N50,000, I started my business. After the first sample was test run in no time, my Chop more ready-to-eat stew business was officially launched”.

Growth is a sign of success in a business. Judith has advanced from just selling to her usual customers to way billing her products and that is a high point in her business. However she has had her share of low points in her business, in which her equipment got spoilt and this led to the damage of her products.

Several times she considered giving up on her ideas especially when the going got tough, but the pull of her vision, and her desire to solve a problem, kept her going.

Supported by her two able staff, Judith runs her business meticulously. Her company Juvission Enterprise is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

Judith identifies the CEO, Aiteefils Global limited, Mrs Itoro Paulinus and the President and founder of Salient Academy, Mr. Christopher Bassey as her business mentors.

If Nigeria wants the best out of its youths, it must learn to invest in their vision and ideas. Hence, Judith pledges to do more if is a supply of capital and machinery by investors. Her final advice to entrepreneurs is to push a little harder even in the face of difficult challenges. With the positive impact like, creating jobs and boosting the nation’s GDP, the impact of entrepreneurship will remain indisputable.

Let this story motivate you to venture into the ready-to-eat stew business.

How my ready-to-eat stew business is making a difference

32 thoughts on “How my ready-to-eat stew business is making a difference”

  1. Ready to eat stew is a big relieve not only to bachelors but also to executive house wives. It is very palatable, highly nutritious and portable. I salute your ingenuity my dear ‘mother’. We are very proud of you.

  2. Excellent, nice and outstanding gesture. Indeed, your Enterprising spirit and adventurous nature is endaring. Sour like the falcon you are.

  3. Indeed idea rules the world… One unique thing about this business is it ability to solve problems. Keep the flag flying dear… More grace!!!

  4. I must recommend this second to none initiative from a well branded Woman. Her initiative and entrepreneural skills is an inspiration and motivation to women in society. I believe more of Mrs Judith in our society can create brand and taste for more success. Well done.

  5. I Can’t Just Get Enough Of
    Ready Stew
    Thanks For Making Ready Stew Available To All
    More Inspirations And Greater Achievements I Pray
    God Bless Juvission Enterprise

  6. I have tested this ready stew before. I wish I can get more supply in my area… The stew is delicious n well prepared….. My family loves this stew so much, especially when eaten with bread

    • The innovation involved in ready to eat stew is massive especially when it come to preservative. Though you started small but sky is your limit. Congratulations

  7. God will bless you for easing the stress of having to enter the kitchen after a very stressful day…

    Speaking on behalf of the bachelors and married men with good hearts who do not wish to heat their wives in the kitchen “week in week out”, let ready stew take the stress off for a day or two…

    Ready stew has never disappointed me, thanks to Juvission Enterprise 👍

  8. Her product, stew is of great standard, her customers business relationship CBR is of great approach, we need entrepreneurs like this to trend the industry


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