Shoemaking: The business that can change your life in 2021

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Shoemaking is a thriving profession that has engaged many people. Ruth Essien Jack is from Ibesikpo Asutan LGA. She is a graduate of mass communication from Ossisatech polytechnic, Enugu, and is also a shoemaker.

Ruth ventured into her line of business because she didn’t want to remain an applicant and not having any means of income. Ruth affirms that her business is very lucrative, hence she makes money from it.


She started her shoemaking business with the sum of N5,000.


Her high point so far is the ability to satisfy her customers. However, not having enough work tools and clients are her low points.

Ruth affirms that she has thought of giving up before in the face of challenges.

She works alone and her business is not yet registered with the corporate affairs commission.

Ruth presents Engr Aniebiet Martin and his wife as her mentors in the business.

She wants investors to invest in her business and also assist her with work tools.

Ruth advises people to be engaged and not wait for white-collar jobs. She also advises those who want to venture into her line of business to stay focused and be consistent.

She concludes that Entrepreneurs create job opportunities for people.

Shoemaking is a lucrative profession and could be just the business that you require to make enough money this year.

48 thoughts on “Shoemaking: The business that can change your life in 2021”

  1. Greatnessiea in every little beginnings
    Ruth is one of such that will soon explode in her chosen trade and I will say career

  2. She is everything entrepreneurial skill requires.
    Her poised nature to see things done and to a perfect finish gladens every clients mind.

  3. Sincerely I saw and liked her works on FB so I ordered a pair of sandals for a trial and was impressed because she didn’t dissapoint. I have since made her my designer without a second thought .
    I hope she will be assisted to grow her brand so she can as well tutor more people who can boldly make good footwears by putting their entrepreneurial spirit into action.
    For me, she’s a true reflection of today’s woman who is meant to grab the opportunity of a society that allows for equity.

  4. she has the best talent in the business, an inborn spirit of hardwork. I must commend Ruth as as an industrious and zealous in her career.

  5. Do you see a lady skilled at her work? Yes, Ruth Essien is dedicated, committed and the best at her work. I admire your tenacity. Keep it up

  6. She’s an inspiration and one of the best i have seen around, very talented in what shes doing. The future is brighter babe,God bless u.

  7. Ruth is not just a shoe maker but a great and focused one at that. What I like most about her is that her work is always neat, strong and long lasting….keep it up girl…. your good work will take you to places…

  8. When shoe call me to inform me she is into shoe making I smiles because I have know her for sometimes and I always admire her courage and confident in all she does. But I love her more when I got a sandals from her and the sandals look absolutely beautiful when I receive it in portharcourt. Keep moving dear u are going places

  9. She’s definitely one of the most promising craft people I’ve met, I believe in few years a lot of us will realize the big picture which is so sublime.

  10. I saw a sample of what she made in 2019 and I decided to order the sandals from here. I had doubts but I still sent her money and in record time the sandals were ready.. Guess what? She cleared all doubt. It came out simple and beautiful. I still give her referrals anytime I wear them.

    • Ruth Jack is a true definition of perfection,this came true through passion,she is so committed and dedicated to her work,she is hardworking,creative and trustworthy,
      Please give her all the support she needs and she won’t let you down.

  11. I knew Ruth when she worked briefly with us at The TOWN CRIER as I.T student; very dedicated, brilliant and smart. Venturing into shoemaking was a dream come true for her and my prayers will also be with her to break more grounds. Congratulations in advance, Ruth and please keep flying. Many thanks, Mrs Meflyn Anwana for discovering talented Akwa Ibom youths for empowerment. You’re RARE!


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