Shoemaking stopped me from searching for white collar jobs and gave me a viable source of income

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Shoemaking started as a profession for craftsmen in the olden days but now it is a big industry. Shoes are a major component in today’s fashion, it’s hard to imagine life without shoes. Shoemaking started because of the need of man to protect his feet from injury but today, it has become a big business venture with different footwear brands.

Oduduobong Ndiok is a graduate of Nautical Science from the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron. He hails from Oruk Anam Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State. Oduduobong is passionate about shoemaking. After his graduation in 2013, he embarked on a journey to Lagos Nigeria in search of a white-collar job. Along the journey, he had a terrible accident. He subsequently made up his mind in 2017 never to apply for white-collar jobs again but to rather engage himself in a craft that will make him self-employed and also create employment for other people. Today he runs Papze shoes and Leather works, a footwear brand based in Akwa Ibom state.

There are huge economic potentials in Shoemaking. Most of our footwear is imported from overseas and the exporting countries earn a lot of foreign exchange from it. Odudu avers that one that can make money from shoemaking activities ranging from the sales of materials used in making footwears down to the sale of the footwear itself.

Oduduobong says his high point in the business is producing quality and durable shoes with top-notch finishing, giving him a competitive advantage over his peers in the shoemaking industry.

As CEO of Papzeshoes , he has encountered various challenges in the course of his engagement in the business. He admits that he almost gave up the business venture sometime last year due to the effect of Covid19 on the economy but he was able to overcome the challenges and leverage on them for success.

Papze shoes and leather works is a registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission. Oduduobong operates his business as a sole proprietorship and only engages people to work for him when he has a large volume of supplies to deliver to clients.

He points out Mrs Meflyn Anwana, Mr Ime Uwah and Don shade cover as his business mentors who he looks up to for guidance.

For small businesses to thrive, policymakers and investors must extend a hand of support to entrepreneurs. Oduduobong wants them to create an enabling environment for businesses like his to thrive.
He advises people who are interested in venturing into shoemaking to be steadfast and be focused on the goals of the business to become successful.

Entrepreneurs play an important role in the economic development of any society, the government can leverage on entrepreneurs to solve the unemployment problem and help citizens create wealth. Let the story of Oduduobong Ndiok motivate you to venture into shoemaking and stop the search for the few white-collar jobs.

98 thoughts on “Shoemaking stopped me from searching for white collar jobs and gave me a viable source of income”

  1. I saw my friend rock your hand made shoe and I looked for you to give me a replica and you did.

    I rock your stuff without fear of being left stranded. You’re doing very well

  2. You are an inspiration to many upcoming entrepreneurs in our clime, keep the fire burning sir and your success story shall be heard of in many lands.

  3. The ships will sail your craft. Where you couldn’t get to as a sailor, your shoes will grace the deck as a brand.
    Congratulations multi talented.

  4. Well done brother. This is awesome. I pray someone will sponsor you to bring innovation to the shoe making industry. Keep it up.

  5. I’m so proud of you brother, despite all you go through, you strive so hard to be the best.

    You are the Best…..
    Papze shoes to the world.

  6. Papzi made two cover shoes for me last year, the shoes are still strong, ok and beautiful with foreign materials, if I used them people bows and dubs me big man that wears foreign shoes

  7. God bless Papze shoes Oduduobong Papze Ndiok Your talent is 👌👌👌👌 I know for sure you will go places. See you at the top dear.

  8. My brother my wedding shoes awaits your performance. Just keep the good work because its rewarding to master a good trade either on land or sea.

  9. Your zeal is second to none
    Your passion is superb
    Your work is classy
    And your connection toward making profit will be amazing

    Ride on bro

  10. There is certainly no limit to what you can achieve Ndiok… You are an encouragement to many. May the channels of you spirit open up more to soar higher.
    Good one bro.

  11. I think I can attest to Papzshoes skillful prowess, I still remember two pairs of fine leather shoes I got from him two years.
    Fantastic homemade, based on this I can give him vote.
    More wins Ndiok

  12. My Friend Ndiok, has an amazing Talent in shoe production, l see PAPZE SHOES making waves and going international Cheers bro more grace.

  13. Wow, amazing, Ndiok I must say that God will continue to lift you higher and higher in life.
    Seen your passion for shoemaking , you really impress the world, a man who supposed to be a captain by profession is now inspirational in shoemaking business.
    Bravo, your storyline is so touching

  14. My friend and brother, what I so cherish about you is your love, passion and zeal for the work. The uniqueness of ur work and the effort puts in place to ensure that it meets international standards takes you ahead of others.

    Certainly I know that this work will go a long way for you.

    Keep it up Sir

  15. Your shoes making creativity is beyond human comprehension…….
    Keep doing what you know how to do better, the last shoe you made for me is of premium quality and standard and I owe you more petronage

  16. Who would believe our intended Capt could be this talented? Papze your talent is from above and the sky is your starting point, you have proven to all young youths out there that inspiteof what one study in higher institution one can still be a good entrepreneur, all one needs is the will, courage and knowledge to diversify in other to make life worth living. I support your new line of career and hope some day will be seeing you on international grounds matching with foreign shoe makers representing Nigeria.

  17. I call him the boss in this business and I hope to be like him soon.

    His designs, quality of leather and finishing are just awe-amazing

  18. I have personally used his shoes. They are good and durable. I will encourage anyone that is a lover of good things to support him by patronizing him. A trial definitely will convince u.

  19. Papze shoes is now a Brand in Akwa Ibom,may the Lord Blessed the MEGP family for impacting knowledge in to the Papze shoe industries.

  20. Papze consultz is a force we can reckon with his shoes are top notch he is doing well and making us proud in the leather work industry keep it up man.


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