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As online business activities keep increasing in volume, Digital marketing has become one of the trending businesses that young people are venturing into. If you are considering starting a digital marketing business soon, then this article is for you. Daniel John Udoidung is a native of Mbiaobong Ikpe, Ikpe Annang clan, Essien Udim LGA of Akwa Ibom State. He is an undergraduate student at the University of Uyo running a law degree program. He is the CEO of Mac_Dan enterprise. He is optimistic and ready to learn, unlearn and relearn.

He ventured into business in 2020 during the covid-19 lockdown. According to him, many people were venturing deeply into digital/social media, organizing webinars, online courses, photo contests, video skits etc, so he saw a compelling need to start up something in that space.


The world is a global village and with recent happenings, work is now been done remotely and digital/social marketers around the world are highly been sought after by businesses and to promote their brands and products. Millions of Naira and dollars exchange hands every day on social media business platforms and e-commerce sites, hence the economic potentials of digital marketing is huge and you should take this into consideration if you are planning on starting a digital marketing business soon.

Daniel started his digital marketing hub with N3,500, which was an airtime subscription for internet connectivity.

His major high points have been his receipt of awards from prestigious organizations and NGOs such as Whitefield Foundation, Offiong Ikpeme foundation, Jobberman soft skills, etc. Also, the approval of his application as a first batch trainee for the Ibom 3000 projects, under ICT is a high point to him. However, the intense competition for marketing jobs leading to reduced patronage is a low point for Daniel.

He has thought about giving up amid challenges. According to him, “I really face challenges with my laptop, which currently developed some faults, and it’s not easy using mobile phones to make standard designs, video making, and marketing, etc”.

He does the work himself alongside some of his mentees.

Daniel is inspired by his boss and mentor, Offiong Ikpeme the CEO Offiong Ikpeme foundation. Also, he looks up to Madam Funmi Johnson the CEO of Whitefield foundation as a business mentor. 

Daniel looks forward to engaging with policymakers and investors etc to scale his business by partnering with to access mentorship/guidance and to access funds to expand the scope of Mac_Dan Enterprise.

To intending entrepreneurs, Daniel advises, “First and foremost, I will like to say, be consistent, diligent and focused. Lastly, my advice is that to succeed in life, you must take action and that’s the only way to succeed in life. Determination is the key to success”.

Daniel believes that entrepreneurs in Akwa Ibom need to collaborate and strategize for global partnerships and impacts.

Let the story of Daniel inspire you to start your business today.

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