The Art and Craft business: The story of Nyakno Benson

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Beautiful things are made with hands to beautify us. Crafters spice up our attire with beautiful handmade accessories. Become a crafter today by venturing into the Art and Craft business.

Nyakno Benson is a 23-year-old Entrepreneur from Ikot Abasi Local Government area in Akwa Ibom State. She is a Computer Engineering student studying at Heritage Polytechnic, Eket. Nyakno is multitalented, she is a creative artist, a writer, and an educationist.

Nyakno Benson is the CEO of Yarkys World, a creative art and craft emporium. Her services and products include Interior and exterior decorations, Events setting and management, Papercraft design and setting, Hair clips and women’s fashion accessories, Men’s brooches and fashion accessories, etc.
art and craft business
Nyakno Benson uses different craft tools and materials like papers, leather, cutters, glueing machine etc to neatly handcraft her products. Nyakno also transforms discarded materials into amazing products.
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All her products are handcrafted and she is continuously improving her business to become the best in the art industry. Nyakno ventured into her business in 2018.

The arts and crafts industry is one of the industries that can help improve the economy of a state if well invested in. According to Nyakno, “Research shows that people spend a lot in a year just for fashion. Our designs are always attractive and in high demand. If materials are gotten in bulk to increase production, we can reach a larger target market and our state can become the major producers of craft materials and design.
When production is increased, human resources too will increase. This will help a lot of individuals who are creative to become independent, working for themselves thereby reducing the rate of unemployment. Art and crafts are also a source of tourism. Amazing designs from the creative industry can attract tourist which also serves as a means of generating income too. Our business is one industry with other branches like the manufacturing industry and the fashion industry. There’s always a way to blend the output from those industries to generate great profit. One of my aims is to become the major exporters of the craft materials because the raw materials for production are always tough to get but with time, I see us take over the world of art and craft”.

The high point recorded in the business so far is Nyakno’s ability to train about 16 people in her line of business and most of them are doing great, additionally, she has been able to get some tools for her business and she is still planning to get better tools. Meanwhile, her low point is her inability to purchase raw materials and some major tools due to lack of finance.

Although the thought of giving up in the face of challenges has crossed her mind several times, Nyakno is not always willing to succumb as she encourages herself every time to keep striving.

Nyakno Benson does not work alone, she engages other people to work with her. The business is not yet registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
Mrs Fehintola Olatunbusun and Pastor Sam Adeyemi are Nyakno’s mentors in business.

Although the Art and Craft business is given less attention to in Akwa Ibom State, it is a very lucrative business and worthy of investment. Nyakno wants the policymakers and investors to encourage artisans and Crafters, and also support her with funds to upgrade her business.
arts and craft business
Passion is what keeps an entrepreneur in business, when passion is lost, desire is lost, hence Nyakno advises people who want to venture into her line of business to have passion for the business. In her words, “passion is one thing that has kept me going, I love seeing my works everywhere and this encourages me to do better. All you need in this business is a heart of passion, creative hands and an innovative mind”

Entrepreneurs establish industries, and if all the industries in the state are actively supported, there would be tremendous growth in the economy of the state, thereby resulting in the state having the highest GDP in the country.

The Art and Craft industry is growing at a fast pace. Do not procrastinate, let this story of Nyakno inspire you to venture into the Art and Craft business.

82 thoughts on “The Art and Craft business: The story of Nyakno Benson”

  1. “Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary .
    Keep it up because the chief enemy of creativity works is making SENSE. Congrats.

  2. Wow, this is what is known as ‘Creativity’

    Wonderful products, am already smiling looking at how these designs can add beauty to my room walls.

    Keep it up please 🙏

  3. Your craft is so unique among others. Your work is always neat and beautiful. God bless darling. The sky is your stepping stone.

  4. You’re being knows by your work.
    You’re engineer, entrepreneur most especially when it comes to creativity, you can turn idea into reality through inform of creativity.
    Keep this ministry going the whole world will recognize you through the work of your hand.

  5. Nyakno Benson is one exceptional art designer I have known. Her works are always aesthetically pleasing, durable and functional.
    I have no doubt in my mind to say that her burning passion for creativity will take her to places.

  6. Indeed, Nyakno Benson you have distinguished yourself as an enterpreneur par excellence.

    With the unfavourable climate for business productivity we all are experiencing in Nigeria, yet you still stay committed to your craft and meet the high demands of satisfying your esteem clients calls for celebration plus the expectancy of your victory.

    Cheers to success!!

  7. Have always known and admire your high creativity spirit and desirable approach towards arts and craft works. Your works are very indigenous and creative, your works actually tells a clear picture that a Nigerian child can actualize his/her creative visions and make it profitable. I strongly recommend you, keep making the Akwa Ibom child proud, keep making us proud, keep making Nigeria proud in her creativity sector and beyond.

  8. Nyakno Benson

    Flower boss as I usually call her
    I was opportune to be one of her trainees
    I’ve always had passion and flair for creativity,meeting her gave me more morale, seeing a young girl like me,taking charge of her life

    I love you dear and my honest prayer for you is that you grow in ability and more ideas…and financially…. Because I know that in this industry,finance is required to really create more impact, so I also pray for an increase financially.

    Continue the growth process and never give up

    • Wow, your write up got me and held me till the end… You are awesome and your craft is absolutely amazing 🙂

      Wishing you best of luck 👍

  9. Great work, ma’am.
    Relax, you’ll be surprised you’re about to happen in grand style. The effects of handmade crafts can’t be ignored. Keep the passion alive.

  10. You give and deliver top notch
    Your work is outstandingly different
    Please patronise Yarky’s flower world
    @Nyakno Benson, get ready for more work

  11. Of a truth, you are shining star pursuing passionately your vision in a grand style. Great piece and deserve all the best awards.


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