The Success Principle

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2020 will probably go down in history as the year defined by crisis in virtually every aspect of human life; crisis which affected not just the global health system, but the economy of every nation on earth, affecting the lives and fortunes of individuals and families…affecting their path to success.

That’s perhaps the most emotionally difficult thing we’re dealing with, because if there’s one thing common to all of us, it is our desire to succeed in life.

But here’s the thing: success isn’t really a function of circumstance.

Success is Predictable.

The flip side of that statement, however, also holds true…because failure is also predictable.

Now why’s that?

Well because Success or Failure in anything, is a Result. An outcome.

Life is designed to function on Principles. If you follow the principles that guide something, you will succeed…if you violate them, you will fail.

It really is that basic.

What are Principles then? Principles are universal laws…that means they will work in one area, as well as they do in another. Principles work anytime and anywhere…even in a crisis.

For instance, if you decided to jump off a 10-story building unassisted, you would be reminded pretty quickly of the Law of Gravity 🙄. No matter where in the world you jumped off a 10-story building, the same result would occur. Why? Because the Law of Gravity is a Universal Law or Principle. It’s not bound by the state of the economy, the color of your skin or your delusion of being Superman 😏.

Your ability to succeed at ANYTHING is therefore determined by your knowledge, understanding and application of the principle(s) which guide it.

That includes generating wealth.

It’s not a function of your skin color, where you’re from, who your parents are, your educational background, your environment or what is happening in the economy.

The same crisis which has crippled many in this season, has also seen an exponential growth in the net worth of some other folks. These folks don’t have 2 heads and they didn’t descend from Mars.

They just understand how the principles of making money work.

If you know, understand and apply the principles of wealth, you WILL be wealthy.

If you violate the principles…you will not.

Time to take a stand, people…

‘Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore, get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding’ (Proverbs 4:7)







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