This is why you should venture into music distribution and promotion

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The music business goes beyond singing, recording and production. Music distribution and promotion is a major aspect of the music business that must be properly handled or else commercial success will elude singers. Otoabasi Joseph Bassey is a student of Electrical Electronics Engineering, a radio presenter and an entrepreneur running a music distribution/promotional and creative management brand: Rad Digital Africa, focused on promoting creatives and helping them gain more out of their career through digital music streaming and features.

Otoabasi ventured into the business because of his passion for creativity and in-depth knowledge of the Entertainment industry in the country.

The economic potentials of the music industry are huge. With the entertainment business (Music most especially) being tipped to be the next big stock market addiction after crypto, Digital music promotion of music is being seen as the new way for artists to make money from their music as Digital streaming platforms (DSP’s) pay artists per stream gathered on their songs and also music licensing for advertorial features which all serve as income streams for music creatives.

He started his music distribution/promotional and creative management brand with N300,000.

His major high point has been working with several A-list Nigerian artists on physical promotions through setting up media interviews, radio tours/airplay and gaining attention from major distribution companies in the USA. His low point is the lack of funding to promote his indigenous/home-based artists.

Otoabasi is relentless in the face of challenges and has never thought about giving up. In his words, “Never have, Never will. I am music so I constantly push to win or win”.

Raddigital Africa is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and SMEDAN. Otoabasi works by himself and is currently pursuing a partnership with a major international music distribution channel.

He points out Godwin Tom, Bizzle Osikoya, Asa Asika, and Jorge Bega as his business mentors.

Otoabasi looks forward to engaging with policymakers and investors etc to scale his business through investments and grants as his business makes its profits through percentages gained from streams of an artist’s music.

To people intending to venture into music business, Otoabasi advises, “Study and learn more about music business trends, sound revolutions, digital marketing and develop great people skills.

Otoabasi believes that Akwa Ibom state has the potentials of becoming the next commercial hub in Nigeria and this dream can be achieved by entrepreneurs willing to use fast rising innovative means to business development.

Let this story of Otoabasi inspire and motivate you to venture into music distribution and promotion business.

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