Top 6 business opportunities in Uyo

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Every state in Nigeria is blessed with different natural resources hence most businesses have their base around these resources, in the same respect, some businesses thrive more in one state more than the other. This may be because of the immediate need of the people or because of the culture of the people. Before one starts any business, it is always advisable to research and carry out a survey around the state or resident area.

This is why we have chosen to make your journey to entrepreneurship easier by compiling a variety of business opportunities one can maximize in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom state. The business opportunities in Uyo include:


1. Dealing On Food-Stuff

business opportunities in uyo

Selling foodstuffs have been considered to be a business for rural women and mothers but indeed there is a mine of wealth here. The population of people in Akwa-Ibom state is steadily increasing and so is the need for them to feed daily. The foodstuff business is very lucrative because one must bag his/her profit daily as people come to buy products like rice, garri, or beans which is the typical square meal of the citizens in Akwa Ibom state.


2. Fast food business

business opportunities in uyo

The fast-food business is a very lucrative business which is why in each major road in Akwa-Ibom state you would find more than one restaurant, one may ask why bother starting a fast food business when there are many already? According to statistics, there more than 6 million people in Akwa-Ibom state, and 30% of this population may never have the time to cook or eat homemade food, another 10% may be able to cook but they would always need an open space like restaurants for business meetings hence they may have a snack or a light food after or during the meeting. Another percent of this population may eat in a restaurant for the pleasure of eating in a conducive environment, hence there will always be patronage if you eventually own fast food business.

To own a successful restaurant business, one must locate his/her business near offices, school arena, crowded areas, and beside major roads, employ a professional cook, pay attention to the complaints/feedback of the customers, enforce a deliberate and efficient customer care unit. Every business succeeds by its uniqueness, hence don’t be afraid to do what others are yet to do.


3. Outdoor Catering Business

business opportunities in uyo

If you can make mouth-watering delicacies, you might as well consider offering your culinary skills to not just your family and friends. There are thousands of weddings, burials, parties, political, religious, and educational events that are held in every of Akwa-Ibom state and these individuals are willing to pay a considerable amount for your service.

This business will go a long way if you can build an offline and online audience especially through social media, nevertheless, this business will boom faster if you own a restaurant or an online delivery food business as people who eat your food on a daily and are aware of your outdoor catering business are likely to offer you a catering contract or refer you to people who may be needing your service.


4. A Photo/Graphics Design Studio

business opportunities in uyo

Most Graphic designers and photographers do not have a working space or the necessary tool for a professional edit thus the need for a photo/graphic design studio, where they pay for the light, space, and other technical services. Having a work environment that offers them autonomy, relaxation and less inconvenience would keep them glued to your studio.


5. Hotel Business

There are no regrets in owning or investing in the hotel business, especially if it is located near cities like Uyo, Eket, and Oron. To fully enjoy the profit that comes with owning a hotel one must be ready to invest in a good building plan that would exhibit standard, beauty, and class. This is one of the business opportunities in Uyo. Every week tourists, visitors, and businessmen visit Akwa-Ibom state and most of them will need a comfortable place to rest for the night.

Owning a hotel that is beautiful to behold would attract visitors and have good customer care services would compel them to always come back.


6. Computer center

A computer center gives students, freelancers, and researchers the opportunity to carry out their research, etc. It is best to have this establishment close to a university, secondary school, or places with a lot of corporate offices. This business tends to pump you with gain daily, weekly, and even monthly. Through activities like photocopy, printouts, jamb CBT application, post UTME application, paying of school fees online, checking result, etc.

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