Vegetable Farming in Nigeria: How Daniel Black is shaping the Agrofuture of Akwa Ibom State

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Vegetable farming in Nigeria can bring enormous profits to you if you are passionate and focused on production and meeting needs. Daniel Black’s story is what you need to push you to invest in Agriculture.

Vegetable Farming in Nigeria

Daniel Black hails from Ikot Ekpe village in Mkpat Enin local government area of Akwa Ibom state, a graduate of Biochemistry from the University of Uyo, he is a pasionate Agropreneur and capacity development consultant. He has five years experience in commercially cultivating crops such as sweet corn, cucumber, water melon, okra, pepper etc.

Daniel currently serves as the Head of Operations at Daesbla Agro Industries, a new age Agro company with services in commercial vegetable cultivation, sales of Agro inputs and equipment, and training on modern farming techniques.

Daniel decided to venture into Agriculture and specifically vegetable farming in Nigeria after a brief stay in Ondo state as a youth Corper. There’s vast potentials in Agriculture and many young people are realizing this and deploying modern agricultural practices to make profits.

Vegetable crops such as okra, pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, water melon, sweet corn are daily consumables and are highly sought after products hence if you invest in commercial vegetable farming, you are going to have returns.

Vegetable Farming in Nigeria

Daniel started his farm with the sum of N280,000 and over the years has increased his investment. According to him, farming is best started small and then upscaled with experience, so an upcoming entrepreneur who doesn’t have much capital should start with a small land size which would cost less to cultivate before expanding.

The modern concept of Agriculture is that of a large scale commercial enterprise as opposed to small scale subsistence farming with little returns. When running an agribusiness, you need to have a viable business structure hence Daniel runs his farm on a coporate structure setting, enforcing reporting hierarchy and specific job description for qualified staff. There’s an MD/CEO, Agric Project Manager, Marketing and Training Manager with assigned roles and responsibilities and other dedicated personnel for other operational activities. Currently Deasbla  Agro industries Ltd is undergoing upgrade from an Enterprise to a Limited liability company.

Daniel stated that the high point and most defining moment for his business was completing his first sweet corn project in 2019. That achievement motivated him to invest more in production.

According to Daniel, Vegetable farming in Nigeria can be enhanced and made sustainable if there’s provision of agricultural friendly lands- lands that have been intentionally demarcated for Agric purposes with security and access to water. Also he calls for the government to source for and regulate quality farm inputs to avoid exploitation of farmers by Agro inputs companies. As a vegetable farmer, Daniel wants easy access to funds to help buffer working capital.

Going into vegetable farming in Nigeria either on full time or part term basis is profitable and as the attention of the country turns away from oil to other sources of revenue, an investment in farming is priceless.


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