Venture into the world of fashion designing

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Fashion designers are known for designing beautiful outfits. Fashion business is very lucrative because people wear clothes every day. If you want to venture into the world of fashion designing, read this story of Chienyem Ike and get motivated.

Chienyem Ike is a first-class graduate of Business Administration from the University of Plymouth, United Kingdom. She is an author, a poet, and a fashion designer. She owns a fashion house known as Maison De Chini and she has run her fashion business for five years now. Chienyem has 7 years of work experience and has bagged numerous qualifications and 13 awards. Also, she has written and published 6 books.

Chienyem ventured into her business in 2017 and has been making money since then. Financially, she started the business with a startup capital of N5000.

Furthermore, getting international orders has been her high point so far while her low point in business is getting limited orders.

Chienyem has never thought of giving up in the face of challenges before. Moreover, she does not work alone, she engages people to work with her. However, Maison De Chini is not yet registered with the corporate affairs commission.
Chienyem says Folorunsho Alakija is her mentor in business.

Chienyem wants policymakers and investors to assist in funding and mentorship. Chienyem advises entrepreneurs to trust God in everything they do. Entrepreneurs are nation builders, they help reduce the rate of unemployment in a state.

Venture into the world of fashion designing today!

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