Venturing into fashion: Fashion pays my bills and fees

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Venturing into fashion can be one of the best decisions you could take this year because the fashion industry in Nigeria is vast and very competitive. It is a lucrative sector with many entrants coming in every day. If you have an eye for good outfits and a flair for designing, you should go into fashion designing.

Nsikakabasi Nse Ebong is from Obong Itam in Itu local government area of Akwa Ibom State, he is 26 years old and a final year student of the Department of Architecture in the University of Uyo.

venturing into fashion

Nsikakabasi is a fashion designer. According to him, he ventured into fashion designing after his secondary school education. His foray was mainly due to the need to raise money for further education seeing the low financial strength of his parents.

Venturing into fashion in Nigeria throws you into the mix of a multibillion Naira industry with huge economic potentials. Making money is a major goal of every businessman/woman and Nsikakabasi states that one can sure make good money from the fashion industry.

Nsikakabasi says his high point as a fashion designer was when he won the talent hunt competition organized by the current miss Akwa Ibom USA 2019/2020. He went home with a generator which has been of much help and has contributed to the growth of his business. He says he is working towards getting enough money to rent a shop and other necessities.

Giving up in the face of challenges is not an option for Nsikakabasi. In his words, “No, giving up is never my thing. There’s this saying I quote “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going” so I keep thriving”.

Nsikakabasi does all the work himself but has plans of employing people to work too in due time. He is currently working on registering the business with the Corporate Affairs Commission.
The place of business mentors cannot be underestimated, for Nsikakabasi, Concept fitters fashion is his business mentor.

Nsikakabasi seeks support from Policy makers . He wants empowerment either with business grants or with sewing equipment, ranging from industrial or manual sewing machines, weaving machines, buttonholes machines etc to expand production.

If you are still debating about venturing into fashion, Nsikakabasi encourages you to make the move because by doing so, you are taking the step to greatness.
Investments in fashion have positive impacts on the economy of the state and country. Opening a fashion outfit creates employment opportunities and reduces joblessness. You can make that move today, sell shoes, sell dresses, sew dresses, design fashion styles, the world of fashion is vast and it calls out to you!

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  1. Great job Nsikak. Known this guy for close to 10 years. Really great at what he does . He deserves more accolades

  2. I have not yet met a more creative designer like Nsikak.

    He employs his knowledge as a student of architecture in doing his work.


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