Why I develop business plans and proposals for small businesses

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My name is Eno Peter Akpan. I studied Business Management at the University of Calabar, and I major in Accounting. I develop business plans and proposals for micro small and medium scale enterprises. I also prepare financial statements for small businesses to help them keep track of their financials and also have access to grants and loans.


My business, Raffia International commenced in 2014, and since then I have assisted so many small businesses to develop their business plan and proposals as well as financial statements. My reason was to help small businesses keep records for their businesses.

My business as a Business Developer helps starters to understand the importance of starting on the right note. It is a good one for those who can learn the skills of developing business plans and proposals because every financier or investor today will like to have one to see the prospect of your business. People have a vague knowledge of a business plan sometimes one need to explain the importance to them and the benefits.

I didn’t start with money, rather I started with only an idea; Working from home with my laptop and phone.

My high point was preparing a business plan for a large farm in Akwa Ibom that needed funding from the Central Bank of Nigeria and was granted the loan. My low points come when friends come for services they cannot pay for. I have done such jobs for people out of love but I let them understand that they must always attach value for whatever service they seek.

I haven’t thought of giving up in the face of challenges because I don’t give up. I was trained in difficult terrain by a Management consultant. My boss will always say, ‘keep your eyes on the ball despite the challenges.’

I do the work myself but sometimes I outsource my jobs. My business mentor is Prof. Joe Duke, a Management consultant.

I seek partnership with investors to scale my business through assets financing.

To entrepreneurs, I advise them to keep trying, don’t give up. Learn on the job then launch out. Entrepreneurship creates opportunities for young people without employment, then they can start on their own.


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