Why I love the business of textile production and shoemaking

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My name is Etieno Jeremiah Bassey, I am a student of fine and industrial art at the University of Uyo. Aside from being a song lover and singer, I am a proud business owner.

In January 2020, I ventured into the business of selling textiles and shoemaking with the sum of N5,000 and I have earned more than I have invested over time. Shoemaking has given me the freedom to express my creativity and bring to life different fascinating designs.

As a starter, I have encountered some low points and this is when I don’t give my customers the exact satisfaction they wanted, nevertheless, nothing can be compared to the joy I feel when my clients leave my office happily pleased with their footwears. My just concluded project was making sandals for a couple and it can be said to be the most recent high point in my business. 

The thought of giving up does come to my mind but I push them away, encouraging myself through the mentorship of my boss. My heart will be gladdened if successful entrepreneurs can invest in small startups by assisting them with the funds, tools/machines. This initiative will give a long way in growing my business.

My candid advice to entrepreneurs is to stay true to themselves, cherish their skills because it is their treasure box, keep pushing, and never give up.

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