Why Industrial oven fabrication is my pathway to wealth

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Ekanem, Emmanuel Emmanuel is a native of Abak Local government area in Akwa Ibom State. He is an HND holder in Civil Engineering. He is in his late 20s. Emmanuel is into Industrial Oven fabrication.

Emmanuel says that right from childhood he had always been involved in fabrication/technical work. He joined his Dad who taught him industrial Oven Fabrication and officially ventured into the business while he was running his HND programme in 2015.

There are economic potentials in the business. Industrial Oven Fabrication is a very lucrative work because of the global market nature of the business, it is a worthwhile investment.

When Emmanuel was with his dad, he always used all his equipment and working tools but when he left to start out on his own, it was quite challenging as the tools for fabrication are quite expensive. So when he started, he ran on orders to be able to hire equipment and buy the materials needed. The least amount he took for an order of charcoal oven was N45,000 depending on the specifications.

Emmanuel has recorded many successes. According to him, “I’ve recorded great heights so far, one of them is the trust I gain from my clients that enables me receive orders all the way from Lagos and other states.

His low points are not having the capital needed to get the materials for the oven and waiting for orders and payments before getting the job done.

The challenges of renting equipment and travelling to get materials without making any profit due to logistics, has also made him feel discouraged but knowing that the setback is temporal, he is undeterred!

Emmanuel works with different people in his business partly because of his lack of equipment.

He points out his dad and his Project supervisor as his business mentors.

Emmanuel seeks partnership with investors to get the equipment needed for his business and to get enough materials to use in producing a lot of ovens for sale in the markets.

To people looking forward to venturing into oven production, Emmanuel advises, “Entrepreneurs are the leaders and driving force of the economy and oven is widely used and accepted globally. If one is passionate and skilled in industrial oven fabrication, please don’t waste time to join the network in other to create a successful ecosystem. It pays a lot. I can’t tell it all.”

Entrepreneurs are the driving force to skyrocket the economy. Entrepreneurship boosts the economy and reduces unemployment. Let this story of Emmanuel Ekanem, inspire you to go into production today.

26 thoughts on “Why Industrial oven fabrication is my pathway to wealth”

  1. This is a creative and innovative work. Akwa Ibom needs people like you.
    Your work will introduce you before the Governors and Senators.

  2. No matter what,keep your head high don’t give up and success will always be yours.keep your loyalty, consistent and hardwork.Love you

  3. I met Emmanuel online through his adverts.
    I’ve bought a first oven from him ,had to pay with so much guts even though I never met him, and to the glory he delivered a double fibre padded three layer oven which can be used indoors without it emitting so much heat as compared to others.
    This made me order for friends as well.
    Sincerity and efficiency is what has kept our relationship
    All the best Wilz

  4. I’m thrilled by his wonderful works. The fact that he delivers his products without delay has endeared him to many across Nigeria, even to the far North.

    ‘Beyond the skies’ are yours. You will get to greater heights.

  5. This is an inspiration and motivation to our present generation. Success all the way



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