Why many small business startups fail online

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One of the best things about small business startups when working on the internet is the relative ease of effort involved. Starting an online business takes little time and in most cases, expense, and it is primarily for these reasons that there are so many internet businesses dotting the landscape. Ironically enough however these same reasons also factor into why a large majority fail to reach success online!

Here is a look at why the same advantages that allow many to start internet businesses can also be contributing factors to their lack of success online!

Less Commitment
With the ease of starting an online business, many people are therefore LESS invested due to the lack of effort and financial resources required. This in turn tends to decrease their commitment since they have less to lose making it easy to walk away.

More Competition
Due to the low barriers of entry, there tends to be a tidal wave of internet businesses in every field! This of course translates into more competition making it that much tougher for many to achieve their goals! The result is mounting frustration, discouragement and resignation to once again simply quit.

Too Many ‘Opportunities’
It is important to remember that when working online you will be exposed to a constant flood of information and business opportunities. It’s funny but the next greatest ‘opportunity’ is always better than the one you are currently working on. The point is many end up chasing after the next ‘best’ thing like a dog chases cars. These people as a result find themselves always starting new internet businesses but never staying with them long enough to actually experience success.

Lack of Experience
The vast majority of people starting an online business have little or no experience and this is reflected in their lack of planning and managerial skills. Now, these folks may have a burning desire to succeed but without the proper direction, it will be difficult. After experiencing the difficulty and confusion that comes with their lack of expertise doubt begins to settle in eroding their drive, confidence and sabotaging their desire!

Lack of Discipline
Here too you have people taking advantage of what appears to be the relative ease of working online. Being your boss, however, means if you do not get it done it will not happen. This is an everyday reality that many find more than challenging and are eventually overwhelmed by all the responsibility.

Small business startups are a relatively common occurrence on the internet due to the small investment required. However, even though starting an online business is a relatively easy thing to do it by no means assures that it will be successful! Many internet businesses have short life spans and in many cases, this is associated with the same reasons people are so easily able to launch them in the first place. The discussion above identifies a lack of experience, commitment and focus as leading factors that contribute to so many business failures.

In the end, if work, resolve and a certain dedication are not require to launch a business, then the investment going in is minimal making it easier for people to simply walk away! Success online is earned and reached at the end of the journey and not upon launch!

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