Why Nigerians love bespoke fashion

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Fashion has been an integral part of our life from inception. The fashion industry in Nigeria has evolved to accommodate different forms of fashion and bespoke fashion is not an exception. Bespoke wears have come to be generally accepted by Nigerians as everything is 100% customized, taking into consideration your body shape, choice and style.

Ekpenyong Maedu is a graduate of Soil Science and Land Resources Management. He is a member of the Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management. Ekpenyong is the creative director of MAÉDU; a bespoke brand poised at enhancing the self-esteem of customers through the production of suitable wears.

bespoke fashion

His love for beautiful outfits made him venture into his business in 2019 after extensive training at Ebyzom Kreations. He desired to create beautiful fitted outfits for fashion enthusiasts and also alter people’s negative perception of fashion designers, and the hasty generalization of them not being trustworthy and authentic. Additionally, making wears that portray elegance was also his driving force to join the fashion business.

Bespoke fashion is fast gaining prominence as people want unique outfit specifically designed for them. However, Conversation about great fashion pieces tends to focus more on luxury thereby deterring some people from looking good due to lack of money. MAEDU, a bespoke fashion brand accommodates all classes of people and beautifully designs their wears based on their financial capabilities. In Ekpenyong’s words, “However due to the relatively low-income levels, most people are price-conscious. Thus, we have identified this niche market to cater to their demands of providing greater value for their meagre sum, as evidence in the testaments we’ve been receiving”. Moreover, bespoke fashion business is very lucrative and Ekpenyong affirms that one can make money from it.

Financially, Ekpenyong started his business with a considerable amount of N48,000 naira, and other contributions from his social circle.

His consistency and total dedication to his business enhanced him to release a debut collection (#Collectionone) in 2020 and that has been his high point so far. Since then, other designers have been requesting his designs for their clients.

However, his low point has been the unfair demand for quality wears by clients who can’t afford them.

Ekpenyong admits the thought of giving up has crossed his mind in the face of challenges.

Ekpenyong is keen on conceptualizing outfits for events and design them in reality; nevertheless, he sews in his leisure time.

His business mentors are: David Frére[FRÉRE], Temitayo Nathan[T.I.Nathan], and Ituen Basi.

Ekpenyong wants policymakers to provide constant light as the cost of running the generator is too high. Again, he wants investors to issue out grants to business owners for the expansion of businesses.

“Don’t try to do everything; avoid the temptation of doing it alone just to be perfect. Silence the noise and play your music, you’ll surely be heard someday”. Ekpenyong advises entrepreneurs. His Instagram/Facebook handle is @maeduofficial.

Entrepreneurship is the panacea for unemployment, therefore, entrepreneurs help in creating job opportunities as the civil service is the highest employer of labour at the moment.

Bespoke fashion eases the stress of adjusting an outfit over again. Nigerians love bespoke fashion as they spend money to dress well for events. Become a bespoke fashion designer and thrive.

27 thoughts on “Why Nigerians love bespoke fashion”

  1. What ever is tagged “Maedu” is what I go for👍.
    As one of Maedu’s regular, he fits my wardrobe anytime, anyday.
    I choose him over others, more wins Uncle.

  2. Maedu is one of the most talented young men I know. He designs for me at very affordable rates and I know if the environment is made more conducive for him to work the sky is his starting boy. More grace to your elbow bro.

  3. Such a phenomenal guy. He has got the Midas touch when it comes to fashion. Absolutely beautiful- that’s the description of his work in 2 words.

  4. I don’t think I have any other brand in my wardrobe apart from Maédu. That’s the kind of loyalty that comes from comfort and trust.

  5. As a friend to ekpeyong, I’ve watched him grow into the prince of bespoke wears, my satisfaction bar is high and for one to reach it, creativity came in.

  6. Maedu is a pinnacle of men’s attire.
    Maedu combines the core principles of bespoke and elevates them with the masterful craft of tailoring……

  7. I believe so much in his kin attention to very tiny details and making a difference through them
    To me his fashion sense is a top notch

  8. I’ll definitely go a long way with the Maédu brand even when we’ll be miles apart. They have gained my confidence and respect from their customer services to every detail they put up in their jobs. A pant by Maédu is a miracle.

  9. As a client, I can confidently attest to Maedu’s unrivalled creativity & authenticity. I’m very picky when it comes to fashion. However, Today, I still rock the piece he made for me a year ago like never before.

  10. Ekpeyong, as popularly known by all and sundry, stands out due to his proactive approach in handling situations. He is dedicated, determined and focused. He has a good sense of fashion. He was the first person I heard the saying from, that ” looking good is business”. Having adorned most of his wears, I can boldly say that, I got a good value for my money. Give this dude a try and you won’t regret you did. Bespoke fashion is here to stay.


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