Why the cakes and chops business requires your passion for success

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Cakes and chops are baking and confectionery products that we all love and add to our culinary experiences. They are popular at events and occasions and sold at shops and supermarkets, and by individual sellers. This article will make you want to go into cake and chops production.

Aniekan Ndueso is an undergraduate of biochemistry at the university of uyo. She is a baker of cakes and chops.
Aniekan says she ventured into cakes and chops making out of passion. She discovered her passion for baking in secondary school and after her Ssce, she decided to join the profession.

cakes and chops

The economic potentials of baking are huge. Baking is a very lucrative business, millions of people are celebrating birthdays daily and over 80 per cent of them order cakes for their day, also white weddings can’t be complete without a cake. So baking is very lucrative, Aniekan affirms.

Aniekan states that she didn’t start the business with any amount of money, rather she worked with the money given to her by customers and clients. She would get money from them to do the job at her training centre and from the profits made, she would use to buy tools.

The highpoint of the business is the Grand opening of Greenlight cakes coming up on the 21st of February. Aniekan is excited that she has come this far despite the challenges.
The low point of the business according to Aniekan is, “Not being able to create contents for our products, getting new customers to know that our brand exists and keeping the ones we have.”

Despite these challenges, Aniekan is unwavering in her passion for the business. “No, I won’t give up on baking. Baking for me isn’t really about the money but my passion for it. Baking is fun even though its quite tough sometimes but it’ll sure payoff so giving up is not in the options”, she declares.

Greenlight cakes is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission. More hands will be engaged to work after the grand opening on 21st February to make the work move seamlessly.

Aniekan points out Vusi Thembekwaye, John Obidi, Bonero Basset and Barbara Okereke as her business mentors.

Aniekan wants support from policymakers in the area of basic infrastructure and amenities like stable power and good roads. She states that stable power is needed for the machines to work and good roads are needed for timely delivery of products to customers.

To fellow and aspiring entrepreneurs, Aniekan advises, “Do your best. Even if it was someone that introduced you to the industry or you choose it yourself like in my case, just do your best, it’ll pay off”.

Entrepreneurs can affect the economy positively by creating jobs and thereby reducing unemployment and poverty in the society. You can make up your mind today to venture into the production of cakes and chops like Aniekan.

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