Why you should be a storyteller as an entrepreneur

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Have you ever wondered why you should be a storyteller as an entrepreneur? Have you ever wondered why storytelling and human beings can’t be separated? It’s because Storytelling is one of the characteristics of human beings. Nobody hates stories, especially captivating stories. Storytelling in this era has become something of great value. Entrepreneurs must master the art of storytelling and incorporate it into their businesses because it is one of the marketing strategies that can never go wrong if well executed.

As an entrepreneur, people want to know you first, they want to know what propelled you into your business, they want to know how enthusiastic you are in solving existing problems, and they want to see burning passion radiating from you. Moreover, storytelling is not all about using blank embellished words that barely communicate purpose, it is about presenting your thoughts, ideas, and pattern in a simplified form so your audience can comprehend them.

As an entrepreneur, you should not tell fabricated or abstract stories, your stories must be true, unique, and remarkable. It should convey your identity and intention so as to stand you out amidst your competitors. Be careful when telling your stories because business stories are not supposed to be opaque or vague but clearly defined, grasped, distinct and significant.

Here are three reasons why entrepreneurs should be storytellers.

It attracts investors
Storytelling forms the basis on which Investors can connect with you. Investors want to hear your business story, they want to know your driving force, they want to know your business goals and the strategies put in place to attain them. Your story does not need to be elaborate, but it must be engaging and have a clear direction. The uniqueness of your story is discerned by its transparency. You don’t have to fake an all rosy story, the same way you talk about your attainments, talk about your challenges and failures too, it will prompt investors to assist you and also proffer solution to your challenges

It builds trust
Trust is built on the foundation of truth. As an entrepreneur, when you are authentic in your storytelling, you would give your audience a clear reason to solidify their trust in you. A business with a great story can capture the minds of its audience and make them believe in the business and what it stands for. When you tell your audience your story genuinely, it will induce emotion in them and make them to easily connect with you.

It’s a marketing strategy
Storytelling is a great marketing tool every entrepreneur should adopt. A smart story strategy is needed if you want your business to thrive. As an entrepreneur, it’s not all about offering quality products alone but how well you communicate the product or services to your audience. Your story must be clear and not confusing, ambiguous and incompatible. A business with an exceptional story is magnetic, it attracts customers and raises the proposed standard of the company thereby generating huge profit.
In conclusion, consistency must thrive in your story because an inconsistent brand story will shove away potential customers and investors. Business storytelling takes practice. Know your story thoroughly before relating it to your audience, this will help you tell your story naturally. Finally, your business story should contain a thought-provoking statement that will be memorable and shareable.

These reasons are why you should be a storyteller as an entrepreneur and take the art of storytelling seriously.

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