Why you should go into cucumber farming for double profits

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Cultivating cucumber is tasking, but the profit is worth the stress. Clearly, you generate twice your startup capital when you venture into cucumber farming.
David Ekanem is a student of Computer Engineering at the University of Uyo. He is from Ibiono Ibom local government area in Akwa Ibom state. He has a passion for Agriculture and he is a cucumber farmer.

David is an ardent listener of radio programs: a few months ago, he came across a program where the Governor of Akwa Ibom state, Mr Udom Emmanuel was encouraging the youths to take up agriculture. This fueled his passion for agriculture and he decided to venture into Cucumber farming.

Although all Agricultural produce has positive economic potentials, however, cucumber is exceptional. You actually cannot venture into Cucumber farming and lack avenues to market it. So far, David has been able to not just get twice his startup capital, but also expand his business and he is still making a good profit.

David Ekanem started his cucumber business with the sum of N70,000.
The major success David can boast of is the increase in his cucumber stands. The stands rose from 500 to 900 stands. Additionally, he started with just one employee, but now, he has three employees working for him.

Many challenges came up at the initial stage of the business. Firstly, he nearly lost 100 stands because of domestic birds who flew into the farm to feed on the crops. Secondly, it was also difficult making sales at first, very few people had interest in buying the produce, and they wanted to buy at a cheaper rate which was not favourable. Thirdly, being a newbie in the business, and not familiar with the environment made the rate at which David got water for the farm very high, it consumed more of the capital than any other thing. Finally, being a student and attending classes, David was not able to fully monitor what was going on at the farm.

David has thought of giving up so many times. Being an engineering student, he got a lot of negative responses from people who felt an engineer shouldn’t engage in farming. Furthermore, when he had challenges with water and difficulty selling at first, he wanted to quit, not until someone encouraged him due to his continuous persistence.

Mentoring is good, it aids the growth of a business. According to Moses, “My uncle, Mr Nseobot, Ime Robson, a lecturer and business entrepreneur, who’ll always insist that one source of income is never enough. Hitting that you have to be creative; My Aunty, whom I grew up with, Mrs Victoria, an entrepreneur, who has ventured into different businesses, exposes me to the wide range of opportunities in entrepreneurship and My Mom, a dedicated trader who’s always after the satisfaction of her customers are my mentors in business”

Cucumber farming is very profitable, you can generate twice your startup capital in no distant time, therefore, an investment in the business is a worthwhile investment. Nevertheless, Moses wants policymakers to make available fertile land for planting and also create an avenue where entrepreneurs can easily advertise and market their products at favourable prices.

David advises entrepreneurs to embrace challenges, as they are unavoidable in business. In his words, “to me, with the challenges I faced, I would say ‘ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship’ because when these challenges come, it presents you with opportunities to think of other ideas, especially in tackling these issues. Cucumber farming is a very lucrative and attractive kind of farming, despite the challenges, it will be worth the struggle at the end”.

The impact entrepreneurs create on the economy of a state cannot be underestimated, according to David, “You see, when money circulates in a particular region, it aids to grow the economy of that region. If we have more entrepreneurs in the state, we will have more persons coming from other states to buy in our state. We will have more job opportunities, thereby decreasing the unemployment status of the state. More entrepreneurs mean more taxes for the state, which will aid in developing infrastructure and other social amenities”.

Finally, according to David, “There are lots of chances out there, but we must think of ways we can function in them, especially if we get hold of them, else it would just be waste of an opportunity”.

Being a farmer is good, but being a cucumber farmer is better. Cucumber farming is very lucrative, venture into it and make twice your startup capital in a few months.

98 thoughts on “Why you should go into cucumber farming for double profits”

  1. Wao! That’s great. I’m sure with your experience in Farming you could handle life situations in a very simple way to give positive results. More strength and more wins. Bravo!

  2. Good one! From the above write up I see it’s passion that drove you to that success and this things you encounter in Farming is going to help you solve some life problem. Well-done! More wins…

  3. I heartily commend the hard work you put in on a quotidian basis.
    And it’s already an established fact, that in no time, everything go set!
    And the stars will align in your favor.

  4. All I can say is “Sui generis”.
    The courage and tenacity to fight in a world of little or no support is something, not so rife.

  5. For me, I believe for a business to achieve it success point its needs a focused, determined, diligent hardworking backbone…And trust Me your business Is so lucky to have you David. It’s a great one.

  6. For me, I believe for a business to achieve it success point its needs a focused, determined, diligent hardworking backbone…And trust Me your business Is so lucky to have you David. It’s a great one.

  7. David Ekanem is an Agriculturist despite the fact that he is studying Computer Engineering, his cucumber is always Fresh and Green, you are doing well David, keep the flag flying…

  8. Agro money is plenty money, It’s a never failing income stream, highly profitable, as stomach based value is a necessity world over. I am really considering also going into Agriculture.

  9. Yeah, David is actually right. Cucumber is acutually a lucrative business… One can start up with a little startup, and expand it to your choice.
    Cudos to you David, it is very rare to see a determined guy like you…
    Keep up the work David…


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