Time to hug the limelight: Why your business needs visibility

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According to the National bureau of Statistics, thousands of businesses are being launched daily, nevertheless, roughly 20 percent of these businesses will not make it by the end of the first year. By the end of the second year, 30 percent of the businesses would have failed and in the fifth year, half of the business would still fail. By the end of the decade, approximately only 30 percent of businesses will remain, leaving 70 percent of failed businesses behind.

Aside from poor management, lack of maintenance, low capital, etc, the enemy of business growth is poor visibility. In a market where everyone is selling the same product and reaching out to the same buyers, it may be hard to obtain loyal customers but with the right steps, there is a chance to create visibility among many competitors.

Market visibility is an art that enhances the awareness of a brand or business through-provoking curiosity, creating impact, producing solutions, and staying relevant. Visibility does not necessarily mean hanging posters and sharing fliers, one can remain relevant by pitching his business to editors and bloggers, telling your success stories at workshops, conferences, and podcasts, etc. Many people are eager to know the challenges faced by business owners and how they overcame them.

Do I need online visibility?

Popularity affects the psychology of customers, customers would always go for products that are more popular because they believe that they are more effective. Hence the secret to success in business is to continually rank first in search pages and websites.

To have an effective online presence, one must invest invaluable content about her products on as many social media platforms as possible. In the absence of content, ads have a convincing effect on the visibility of business to online customers. These ads must be optimized for a specific population, eg a travelling agency business ads would attract more audience on a blog or education website as many students are seeking easy ways to travel and study abroad.

Below are 4 reasons why visibility is important:

Your brand name speaks for you in your absence

Consistency is the mother of learning, people get to know your business if they consistently see your business signage. Good signage would make them curious hence attracting them to buy your service. Well-designed and bold signage does not just help spread the word about your business but also distinguishes you from other competitors.

Increases revenue in a cost-effective manner

Investing in good signage is a lasting expense that can be seen by customers 24/7, it is a very cost-effective form of advertising. This form of visibility enhances the power of referrals hence reaching out to more potential customers.

 Your signage is a reflection of the quality of your products

First impressions they say matters, if your products are of good quality then your signage should reflect it too. Customers are moved by what they see, hence your signage shouldn’t be faded, dimmed, old, poor in quality and size. Customers would rather go to a business with excellent signage than a business with outdated and obscure signage. Visibility is about making a positive impression.

It makes it easier for potential customers to locate your business

A visible and modern signage makes you stand out among other competitors thus helping potential and loyal customers to easily locate your business. Many people have lost customers to poor signage hence after continuous search the customer gives up and goes to another place to purchase their goods.

Lastly, to keep your brand noticed, you must continuously create educative and entertaining content on different social media platforms. Aside from promoting your products and penetrating their pockets, you should also penetrate their hearts by making them feel important and building relationships with them online and offline.

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