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A word that springs to mind when we find ourselves in the deepest calamites or misfortunes.

It’s a word you will find repeatedly the Bible, but there it runs deeper than ‘misfortune’. There, it is also a curse – a terrible word that demands your attention wherever it is found…. such as in the words of Solomon: ‘Woe to the land whose king was a servant…’.

‘…whose KING was a SERVANT…’

Hold up. Is God against people with humble backgrounds attaining wealth or power?

Absolutely not? I agree! Therefore, that verse must mean something else.

‘King’ represents authority, rulership, dominion and leadership. If ‘servant’ or ‘slave’ in this context does not literally mean a position, there’s only one other thing it could mean: a MINDSET.

Suddenly then, it starts to make sense, because what Solomon really means is: cursed is the land when the person in charge THINKS like a slave.

Mentality is critical. Our response to anything is determined not by what we say, but by how we THINK. Your thinking…is your life!

What does it mean to think like a slave? People believe distorted concepts because they have been conditioned to think that way. It’s not really about wealth. You can be delivered from poverty but still THINK like a slave. You can be delivered without being FREE.

Remember the children of Israel? They saw more miracles than most of us ever will, but when it came to the crunch they STILL wanted to return to Egypt. They had been delivered…but they were not free; 400 years of slavery had conditioned them to think like slaves.

What thoughts of ‘slavery’ still hold you back? What makes you think you can’t own a business? What makes you think your voice can’t make a difference? Why do so many ‘leaders’ treat fellow humans as worthless? What makes you think it is impossible to change the world?

What makes you think…like a slave?

No matter what title is bestowed on you, no matter what authority you are given or how much money is in your account, if you still think like a slave, you cannot be a real king. You must be freed from the wrong mindset if you will become all you were created to be and do…you must know the TRUTH.

And the Truth will set you free…

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