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Unlocking true wealth begins with identifying your special gift.

The journey from scarcity to abundance is exactly that: a journey. It’s a process that requires your active involvement; hey, this is YOUR gift after all, not anyone else’s. The responsibility for maximizing your value lies on your shoulders.

Your gift is a seed, and like every seed must be planted in the right environment, nurtured properly and fed the right nutrients it requires for it to grow into the tree that is its Ultimate destiny.

If you have identified your gift and seek to maximize its value, there are 4 steps or keys you need to execute.

These keys are applied by every major successful business on the planet. They were given by the Original Manufacturer, who designed us as products to give a return on investment.

Follow them, and watch something magical start to unfold:

Be fruitful: In other words, be productive. Produce SOMETHING. Fruitfulness presupposes that there is already a seed; you cannot have fruit unless you first have seed. What is that dream or persistent idea that refuses to go away? That’s your gift tapping your head. That’s the seed. Now, turn it into a fruit.
Multiply: just one fruit isn’t going to transform you into Jeff Bezos though. You need to have more. You need to have multiples. To multiply is to RE-produce the original product; when you multiply you extend your potential to reach more people.
Replenish: Business can only succeed when it is distributed. That’s what it means to replenish. Develop a distribution system that you can scale. The wider your distribution, the more you’re able to sell. The ultimate goal is to globalize distribution.
Subdue: Finally, control the market. This means that you need to develop your gift to the point that you take charge of the area of the market your gift operates in. To control the market, you must become the best in your area of gifting. We want to have value. When we think about a product or service that we want, do you immediately spring to mind? That’s what it means to subdue. In other words, ‘be so good, they can’t ignore you’ (Steve Martins).

When these 4 keys are executed passionately, you are rewarded with the prize of the end game, which is the purpose for the gift:

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