Zobo Production: The Calabar story of Alice Ikpi

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Zobo is one of the popular health drinks in Nigeria. There are only a few things that are as refreshing as a chilled zobo drink on a hot and sunny day. Hibiscus sabdariffa aka Roselle is the flower from which the zobo drink is made. With increasing demand for zobo drink, zobo production is a viable business venture.

Alice Ibiang Ikpi is the creative director of Zobo World. A 26 years old graduate of Pure and Applied Chemistry from the University of Calabar, Alice resides and operates in the Calabar metropolis. Zobo World is into production, sales and distribution of plant-based drinks which includes Zobo, smoothies, parfaits, fruit juices, detox and weight loss drinks, cocktails and mocktails.

Alice ventured into the production of healthy drinks in 2018 to solve the problem of people consuming fizzy carbonated drinks that are not good for their health. She decided to provide drinks that can be consumed by children, adults and people living with illnesses and also for those who intend losing weight and detoxifying their organs.

Alice affirms that one can make money from Zobo in the areas of production and sales, marketing of the product, advertising and also distribution of both wholesale and retail of the products.

Her biggest success has been the tremendous growth and exposure recorded by her business. Alice says Zobo World has become a household brand in many homes. The profits have increased and the business has been able to acquire staff and a business location.

However, the low point has been the tripling of the cost of raw materials in the market thereby making it hard to continue to produce at the usual pace and cost.
Alice says she has flirted with the thoughts of giving up but has resolved to keep moving forward, in her words, “So many times. But then I look at all the people I’ve been able to help and my heart just warms up and I get up and continue. I look at all the people around me and the support they’ve shown me and also the pride they take in talking about my brand to their friends and family and even strangers. This alone keeps me going every day”.

Zobo World is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission and employs two staffers. Alice mostly does the production while the staff assist in packaging and distribution.

She points out Sofresh.ng as her business mentor having followed the business for as long as they’ve existed and hopes to attain the heights that Sofresh has attained.

Alice calls for government support by provision of financial support and organization of trade fairs for SMEs
For prospective entrepreneurs, Alice advises, “Put in the work, cry as much as you can, then wipe your tears, get up and get to work. Because yeah, you will shed real tears and the passion and love you have for your brand will continue to drive you to work harder.”

Let the story of Alice Ikpi inspire you to go into Zobo production today.

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